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Railroad of Souls

ISBN: 978-1-7349467-0-3

Railroad of Souls is the story of Chelsea Heiland, a modern, fourteen-year-old girl with an extraordinary problem. She and her two best friends discover that the forest of crabapple trees in her back yard bends times and harbors a dark and disturbing history. Do they accept the invitation to the midnight carnival inside the forest, especially as the amount of missing children intensifies?


While Chelsea, Autumn, and Jeff are on a quest to uncover the mystery, fifteen-year-old Edgar Slate is trying to pick up the pieces of losing his life of privilege to one less fortunate due to a fire that mysteriously broke out in old Rochester, NY. The year is 1894. 


As the two stories unfold and intertwine, Chelsea discovers the hard way that sometimes the only way to find yourself is to lose everything you love the most.

A Mom's Guide to the Universe

ISBN-10: 0692292667

This is a refreshing and humorous guidebook that every parent, whether new or well seasoned, should have on their nighstands. Part memor, part self-help, you will be lead on a journey through early parenthood in New York City, postpartum depression, and a life changing epiphany. Mingling those experiences with practical advice, you will find easy to follow tools that will bring balance and spirituality back into the life that has been run over by diaper wielding munchkins. 

With humor and humility, Jen guides the busy parent on how to put the "You" back in Universe! 

I'll be brutally honest...this book was written when my kids were very small and I needed an outlet to keep me sane.  It was an exercise for me as I had always wanted to write a book and I wanted to see if I could do it. So I did! It's basically a concoction of experiences and a bit of memoir. Please enjoy and I hope it will help to get you through whatever rough patches you may experience in life.
This book is no longer available online. I do, however,  have a limited supply of print copies. You can message me if you wish to purchase it. I'll even sign it for ya! :)  
*There is a copy out there for an exorbitant amount of money. Please don't buy that! 
Lastly, I do not do readings anymore. If you are looking for that sort of outlet I would be happy to refer you to someone who can help. 
Thank you!

Jen has collected words to help you remember to live in the moment, breath and most important of all be thankful. I enjoy her whimsical story telling and her guidance to putting the 'OM' in Mom. So passionate and real. She is a delightful writer.

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Jen manages to tackle deep subjects without being too deep. There aren’t many people who can tackle meditation, Reiki, chakras and prayer without making it overly complicated. Reading her book is like having a conversation with your best girlfriend. Spirituality shouldn’t be separate and distinct from daily life and Jen give simple and practical tips for now to stay connected to our spirit.

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